TEINSA. Technique in Installations of Fluids

At our company, which is engaged in the calculation, design, manufacture and maintenance of all types of heating and cooling installations and fluids for energy transportation and distribution, both in residential and industrial fields or public facilities, you will be received and attended by our highly qualified staff.

Types of Installations

Thanks to our experience and technical capacity we can carry out many types of facilities for any kind of residential, public or industrial building such as plumbing, cleaning, air conditioning by water, VRV systems, systems of direct expansion, evaporation cooling, ventilation, control and regulation, heating, gas, integration of renewable energies (solar, geothermal) in these facilities, thermal solar energy of high and low temperature, geothermal energy renewable and nonrenewable, absorption cooling (plants and facilities), fire prevention.

We are authorized installers by the I.D.A.E (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) for the undertaking of solar facilities without size limit. 

Teinsa offers you these services based on the accumulated experience over the years, adding value to your project by means of the application of all the technologies provided by Teinsa, developed and patented, as you can see in our web site, such as: air conditioning by layers, installations up to 140ºC in thermal solar energy, control of the wastages of wine in ageing halls, control of a fire controlling its temperature. 

Proyect Analysis

Once your requirements, no matter how technically challenging these might be, have been analysed, and should these fall within the scope of our performance and ability to provide a satisfactory response, we shall proceed to negotiate a technical offer, in the case that there is no project, or make out a quotation for work according to the client's previously prepared project, with or without prior review. In either case, your project will be technically assessed prior to carrying out the work, offering you our technical opinion and any possible energy improvements and incorporation of renewable energies that might be recommended.

We would like to emphasize that all installations are carried out by our own personnel, thus allowing us to provide highest levels in quality of the final product, also undertaking assembly of settings and control by our own personnel. This gives the client the advantage of having a sole interlocutor responsible for the work, who will hand over the installation with start up and heating and cooling tests having been carried out by our personnel involved in the design and assembly from the outset. Should the installation be undertaken according a project supplied by the client, as previously mentioned, the project is reviewed and guaranteed under the same contract. 


In 2.004 we created the research and development department, promoting several research, development and technological innovation projects in collaboration with the ADER (Agency of Economic Development of La Rioja) and the University of La Rioja. At present we continue working in the field of R&D and innovation. We have increased both the number of national and European projects in which we are collaborating with important Technological Centers of Europe. Several of these projects are in phase of completion, others are in its initial phase and several are submitted in phase of tender, waiting for approval in the different programs opened by the European Commission.  

Other Activities

We also have our own department of maintenance to carry out the maintenance of all our facilities. We want to emphasize that this department is homologated by the principal manufacturers of machinery and equipments both on the national and international level, and it is able to guarantee in this way the response time to the client, as we don’t depend on technical services of other companies.