The types of facilities that we make are the following ones:

  • Air Conditioning
    • Water System: Coolers, heat pumps, fan-coils, cooling units, recuperators of energy
    • Direct Expansion System: variable coolant volume (VRV) Split, split equipments, refrigerating equipments. Equipment roof top
    • Evaporative System: Cooling towers, evaporative conditionings
    • Automatization of Systems: Management by computer, telemanagement as well as the assembly of all the regulation of the facilities
  • Ventilation (Residential, industrial)
  • Heating (By means of any type of fuel or system, radiating ground, radiators, aerothermos, cooling units, etc…)
  • Gas (EG-IV)
  • Petroliferous Products (Gasohol, Fuel)
  • Compressed Air
  • Overheated Water
  • Steam
  • Thermal Oil
  • Humidity Control
  • Solar (Credited by the IDAE)
  • Protection Against Fires (Sprinklers, equiped water posts, hydrants, extinguishers)
  • Fire Detection (Conventional, analogical and with any type of detector)
  • Gas Detection
  • CO2 Detection
  • Plumbing (By means of copper piping, PP, PB, PE, etc…)
  • Cleaning
  • Regulation and Control. It is necessary to emphasize that all the electrical installations of force and control of all these facilities are designed and mounted by Teinsa's own personnel, carrying out likewise the programming of the whole control and being able to deliver key in hand, without depending on foreign companies, any installation no matter how complex it is, facilitating to the client only one interlocutor and eliminating multiple problems.
  • Energy Audits. We make all type of energy audits both in domestic and industrial facilities. We are authorized installers by the I.D.A.E (Institute for the Diversification and saving of the Energy) for the accomplishment of solar facilities without size limit.

Teinsa carries out the maintenance of all our installations. To this end, we have a warehouse, with all kinds of pipelines and pieces up to 5 ", another electrical warehouse with all kinds of spare parts and in addition with all the necessary materials for the maintenance of equipment and machinery to be able to solve any necessity outside the hours of commerce. We have highly qualified staff for the development of the maintenance workings that are continuously trained by the company for the adaptation to the new technologies.

We may indicate that we have developed our own program of corrective/preventive maintenance.