Research Department

I+D+i A New Challenge

Achievement of the company's founding objectives has required great effort and study. No project has been rejected, no matter how technically challenging these might have been. This fact has enabled us to gain a high level of skilled knowledge in the fields of energy and installations. Upon these foundations of knowledge along with our experience in new developments we decided to contribute to the worldwide struggle of reducing CO2 emissions. 

This new challenge, which comes within the scope of our work, provides us with a pleasing objective for which to strive and a formidable challenge as professionals believing it to be our responsibility. Having been born on this marvellous blue planet, and enjoyed its resources, we are obliged to leave it in at least the same condition as we found it, for future generations, and in particular for our own children. For this reason we not only work and develop our company technically and economically, but also make a special effort, which for us is highly rewarding, that allows us to fulfil the great concern expressed by our founder and which we share for the recovery and improvement of our environment.

In order to tackle the issue of CO2 emissions we have initiated two distinct, although convergent, lines of action: the development of renewable energies (renewable solar thermal and geothermal) and the improved efficiency of traditional energies. As may be seen by the list of projects and patents, we have managed to make significant advances in both fields, having combined strictly energy focussed developments with environmental developments that little by little are providing us with the satisfaction of advancing towards this new goal.

Since 2004, we have undertaken various projects of research, development and technological innovation in collaboration with ADER (Agency for Economic Development in La Rioja) and with the University of La Rioja. As a result, in 2005, we created a new department for I+D+i with the aim of promoting projects to reduce pollutant emissions mainly resulting from the burning of fossil fuels of current heating and cooling systems. With this decision the department takes on the responsibility of caring for the environment and promoting projects with the aim of protecting the environment in various fields.

Several of these projects have been approved by the Agency for Economic Development in La Rioja and one of them has been approved by the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science (National Program for Agricultural and Food Science Resources and Technologies).

We are currently working in conjunction with leading European technological centres on several projects, some of which have already been approved by the European Commission.