National Patents

  • Geothermal Renewable Energy
    System of Utilization of Geothermal Renewable Energy

    Geothermal installation for harnessing underground energy, consisting of heat pump (5), installation of interior distribution (6), exterior geothermal circuit (7) and (11), artificial canal (8) and well or artificial tank (10), which is characterized by the energetic exchange produced between the terrain and the heat-transfer fluid in its renewable zone (4), the water used as heat-transfer fluid has no losses in the circuit, but it is regenerated along its path through a special canal (8), returning it later to the geothermal system to be used again.

    The special canal (8) makes possible the captation, movement, exchange and recovery of the heat-transfer fluid as it passes along the renewable zone of the terrain, remaining available again for the geothermal system.
    In this way existing problems nowadays of water availability are eliminated.
  • Air Conditioning System By Layers
    Air Conditioning System By Layers

    Air conditioning installation, consisting of a cooling unit (4) and diffusive elements: (7) and (11). Thanks to a suitable system of diffusion and direction of the treated air, it allows for air-conditioning only the zones occupied by the people, without needing to treat all the air space.

    The system drives the treated air towards the desired target zone, creating an overpressure, while lowering the pressure at high layers of the space. This overpressure will create a displacement of the air in the above mentioned zone. Unwanted mixings of air will be avoided this way, and the speed, temperature and quality will be kept at suitable values in the existing air within the target zone.

    This system provides its maximum savings in places with great volumes of air, in which treating only a certain zone is desired, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Wastage control aging conservation wine
    Wastage Control and Environmental Quality Control in Facilities for Wine Ageing and Conservation

    Air treatment system, consisting of a treatment and air mixing machine (2), a source of refrigerating energy (7) and calorific energy (8) and a control system (9) that allows for the control of wastage produced in storage enclosures (1) of wine in oak casks, for its  ageing and conservation.

    Acting on ambient variables in the storage enclosures (1) such as temperature, relative humidity, air speed and appearance of mildew, it allows for the control and, if required, reduction of the percentage of wastage that, in a natural way, is brought about inside the casks.
    This technology does not affect the quality of the stored wine, while controlling and maintaining air quality in the storage enclosures (1).
  • Fish Staircase Maintenance
    Maintenance of a Fish Staircase

    System of water supply for fish staircase, consisting of a supply conduit (pipeline or canal) (7, 7a, 7b) and a regulation system (8), which allows for constant, regular functioning of fish staircases, without them being affected by the level of the waters where they are located.

    The water supply conduit will take at all times the water from the zone upstream (6) of the dam or obstacle (2), sending it to the zone where the fish staircase is  (5), in such a way that the above mentioned flow of water supply makes possible the advance of the fish through the staircase (5). 

    The regulation system (8) works to keep the flow as constant as possible in the zone of the staircase (2), also maintaining the physical-chemical characteristics desired in the water.

    This system, in addition, allows for the maintenance of a minimum flow downstream.

  • Energy Production in Water Current
    Hydroelectric Energy Production System in Water Currents without Environmental Impact and Not Needing a Hydraulic Dam

    System consisting of a variable number of piles (2) driven into the channel or river bed, turbines or propellers (9), platform (4), electrical generator (3) and transmission system (5), which allows for taking advantage of the kinetic energy of a water current for the production of electric power, without needing to cause a water jump, thereby reducing the environmental impact in the above mentioned current, and without the need of constructing a hydraulic dam.

    Reducing the section of the water flow, will increase its speed. This increase in its kinetic energy will be favorable for the movement of turbines and the subsequent generation of electricity.
    A mechanism is designed to raise the system and withdraw it from the water current when necessary, in a simple way, either manually or automatically.
  • Solar Thermal Energy Production High Temperatures
    Versatile Solar Thermal System Of Hot Water Production Up To High Temperatures

    Solar thermal installation consisting of a battery (1) of two or more solar panels (2) which may be flat or made up of vacuum pipes, recirculation pump for the heat-transfer fluid (4), valve system (3) and control system (6), featuring a wide range of operation for any available temperature of the heat-transfer fluid (from +40ºC up to +150ºC), as well as assuring either a constant flow of heat-transfer fluid, or a constant temperature, or both parameters simultaneously.

    The control system (6) will operate on the valve system (3), as well as on the speed of the recirculation pump (4) so as to assure the control of the above mentioned parameters.
    All installation components will meet standards to withstand temperatures up to 180ºC.