Management of wastes

Teinsa, S.L. has the number B 26046227/LR/5,355 in the registry of the Government of La Rioja as a small producer of dangerous wastes.

All the dangerous wastes that we generate are taken away to our facilities where we have 14 containers for the different wastes that the company produces and recycles properly through the different managers authorized.

In the maintenance works of conditioned air equipment that contains like cooling fluid substances that exhaust the ozone layer, we are committed, in agreement with the valid legislation, to maintain the conditions of security so that the cooling fluid is not emitted to the atmosphere and in case of being necessary to recycle it.

We have all the permissions of the Government of La Rioja and of the Managers Authorized as well as the necessary infrastructure for the recycling of the following wastes:

130205 Used oil (coming from compressors and coolers)
120109 Taladrina
150202 Rags impregnated with dangerous products
150110 Plastic packages that contain rest of dangerous substances or have been contaminated with them
150110 Empty metallic packages
140601 Cooling gas
200121 Fluorescent tubes
080318 Wastes of toner


200101 Paper and cardboard
200139 Plastics
191202 Copper
191203 Steel, scrap iron
191203 Steel inox
200301 Rubbish

Following of course with our policy of quality in the system of environmental management we will be adapting the list of wastes to the necessities of the activity.